Academics at the Dearborn STEM Academy

The academic program at the Dearborn STEM Academy is grounded in personalized learning that allows all students to reach their potential and meet ambitious goals.  This intersection of personalization and ambition is characterized by:

A Rigorous and Holistic Curriculum:

Our curriculum aligns with the Massachusetts Department of Education’s MassCore program to ensure that all students have the requirements necessary to graduate and to be prepared for college.  In addition to core courses in Mathematics, the Sciences, and the Humanities, our STEM oriented approach provides students with a 6th – 12th grade Computer Science curriculum as well as science-focused electives.  Our students also have the opportunity for physical and emotional learning and development during Physical Education and Theater.  We build skills and awareness necessary for thoughtful citizenship through our Advisory program.  And 21st century skills are embedded in every core content area and elective.

Data Driven Instruction:

Every day in every class, our teachers check for student understanding and use daily formative data to plan for and adjust instruction.   Communication and analysis of student progress is constant and everyone in our school community collectively works toward the achievement of every student.

Individualized Learning Plans for Every Student:

These plans allow students to work with their educators to celebrate success and set personalized learning goals. 


These plans not only make students aware of their own learning and goals, but also require students to own and internalize them.

Teacher Collaboration 2.JPG

Content Area Expertise and Teacher Development:

Personalized learning happens for both students and teachers at the Dearborn STEM Academy.  Content specific Directors of Instruction guide every one of our teachers and provide them with the training, tools and mentorship needed for growth and success.  Our teachers are continuously examining their own practice in conjunction with student performance to ensure that they are employing the most effective strategies to allow every student to meet success.    

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