Students arriving to school on the first day, greeted with high fives by community members.

A New Kind of School

Dearborn STEM Academy students will graduate with the 21st century skills required for college and career success and will be prepared and motivated to serve as thoughtful, engaged citizens, who contribute to the health, vibrancy, and development of their community. 

We are Boston’s first grade 6-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics school, preparing our students for the ever-evolving landscape of college, career and life opportunities.  Dearborn students engage in tasks that are modeled upon what professionals do in their fields. Dearborn students look at a problem from multiple perspectives, reflect on and refine their approaches, and learn to become critical and analytical thinkers. Students graduate with deep understanding of the language, concepts and ideas represented in STEM fields, as well as the skills and mindset required to succeed in these fields.

Our Values

Our core values represent a set of guiding principles that are intrinsic in nature and important to all members of our school community.  They form the foundation on which we plan and perform our work and how we agree to conduct ourselves. Our core values place students at the center of our efforts and serve to advance their success both in the classroom and in their lives beyond school. We believe that if each member of our community commits to these values, we will prepare and motivate our current students and graduates to be thoughtful and engaged citizens of the world. 

Our DESIGN Principles

Our design principles were developed in direct response to the needs of our students and are aligned with our broader mission to prepare students for college, career and citizenship in the 21st Century.

The design principles serve to inform every aspect of planning for our schools, to guide the development of the systems, structures, strategies and routines that we employ in serving our students, and are intended to permeate every aspect of life at Dearborn STEM Academy: our goals for student learning and achievement, our design for supporting the needs of diverse learners, our systems for guidance, goal-setting, individualized supports and advisory; our structures, norms and goals for adult learning; STEM-oriented, authentic learning structures that promote 21st Century skill development and experiences in the workplace; and fostering a strong sense of belonging and personal responsibility for the health of our community and each of its members.

Educators at BPE schools approach their work with the following design principles in mind: